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On sale for $7.95
To Hell and Back features the first three Demon Squad novels (Armageddon Bound, Resurrection, and At the Gates) alongside Betrayal (a lead in short to At the Gates) and the never before released Demon Squad shorts stories A Hell of a Way to Die (featuring the origin of Chatterbox) and The Great Brain Robbery (featuring Frank in the Wild West.)

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Out now from Samhain Horror
Nov 6, 2013: DS6 on D6! Keep an eye out for the latest Demon Squad release, book 6, the Best of Enemies, out December 6th.

From Hell is still available for 99 cents!

Aug 6, 2013: From Hell is #13 in Amazon's Hot New Releases!

Aug 5, 21013: From Hell, a novella in the Demon Squad universe, is out now.

A rash of brutal murders set God and the Devil at odds, and it's up to Frank to prove Hell's innocence. With his angelic cousin watching is every move, he quickly learns there's more to the mission when he comes face to face with the legend of Jack the Ripper. Time running out, Frank and Scarlett must restore the balance of peace before it spirals out of control.

In a battle of wits to determine the fate of Heaven and Hell, it's a good thing Frank brought a gun.

July 9, 2013: Those Poor, Poor Bastards, book one of Dead West is out now. This is a wild, western zombie series that I helped put together with the awesome talents of J.M. Martin and Kenny Soward . If you're looking for a different kind of zombie book, here it is.

July 9, 2013: From Hell, a Demon Squad novella is done. As soon as the cover art is complete, it'll be out there, Frank and Scarlett tearing up the past.
June 2, 2013:
The continuing saga of an obstinate publisher.

May 26, 2013: Check out this
interview with Nine Worlds Media's JM Martin over at The Cult Den. Joe talks about his work and a, until now, secret project with Joe, myself, and Kenny Soward, entitled Dead West. They even reveal the cover, those bastards.

May 25, 2013:
Inheritance is only 99 cents for a limited time!

May 16, 2013: Inheritance, part one of the Heir to the Blood Throne duology for younger readers looks like it'll be out early. I'd planned to release it on June 1st but everythign has come together nicely, so I figure I'll put it out as soon as the formatting is done. Looks like that might be as early as next week.

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