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  Old News


A young, homeless man arrested for a gruesome crime; a respected politician bound for higher office; detective Shane Calvin finds himself caught in the middle as two seemingly disparate lives collide, the weight of their secrets threatening to destroy them all.


Chemist Jerrod Dawkins has lost everything: his job, his reputation, and his family. After a failed suicide attempt, he learns an envious co-worker masterminded his downfall, and vows revenge. Jerrod manufactures a virus and turns it loose on his former friend, unleashing far more than he intended.

  Home of the Sheriff Penny Miller series.

Excerpt (Prey):

I looked away from the television mounted across the bar and tried to tune out the reporter's voice. I knew all I wanted about the damn case already. It was mine. Not wanting to hear more, I hoped to drown it in the background noise, but everyone in the place was focused on the set. Only the scuffle of feet and the dull murmur of

disbelief hung in the air to compete.

It wasn't enough to quiet the memories, so I looked to my drink. My bourbon danced in the glass and I realized my hands were shaking. I tightened my grip, but that only made it worse. Ripples, like tiny waves, marred the surface. Knuckles white, I drained the glass to hide the evidence of my hand's rebellion. The liquor slid easy down my throat; too easy. I could still hear the news.

As I called out for a refill, a shadow appeared at my shoulder.

"Hey, Shane." I glanced up to see Joe Sanchez, a detective at my precinct. He gestured to the TV I was trying to ignore. "That's some crazy shit. How you holding up?"

"I'm all right...I guess." I set my glass down as the bartender came over to top it off. She'd barely lifted the bottle away before I'd finished the drink again. With an understanding smile, she poured me another, making sure it was as full as she could without spilling any. "I just..." Glass at my lips, I swallowed down about half, only pulling it away to take a breath. The bourbon still danced in defiance. "Even in all my years on the force, I've never seen anything so...so disturbing, you know?"

Joe dropped onto the stool beside me, asking for a beer. "That's the job, brother. You know that. One minute we're filing paperwork, and the next we're tripping over a body. Ain't nothing normal about it."

"I know, man, I know. This was just...too much."


"...while the two novellas [Prey/Anathema] are incredibly intense, they are superbly written and have strong storylines that transcend the shock. Anathema...has the essence of the old Twilight Zone series, updated and more shocking. Prey...is a dark police investigation story a la Seven or Silence of the Lambs, but freakin' horrifying in its stark portrayal of murder." ~ artist 
M Wayne Miller