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Book one in the Storm Front post-apocalyptic series

w/Mike Kraus

On vacation in California, the Patterson family is separated in the midst of a deadly set of wildfires unlike any seen before in modern history.

As the wildfires grow and combine together, they become firestorms that begin to spread beyond the state - and nation.

As millions perish in the flames, survivors search for shelter and discover that the threat posed by other people is far greater than the flames could ever be.

From the #1 best-selling post-apocalyptic author Mike Kraus, writing with Tim Marquitz, comes a terrifying post-apocalyptic survival thriller tale that won’t let you sleep until you devour every last page.

Storm Front is a 6-book post-apocalyptic survival thriller series from Muonic Press, which has published hit best-sellers like Epoch’s End, MELT, Fracture, Extinction and more, with Mike Kraus, Justin Bell, Tara Ellis, Kenny Soward and more. With a deep emphasis on characters and real-world science, this post-apoc tale will keep you reading well into the night.

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"Witty, sarcastic and hilarious."   Publishers Weekly


"Trigg isn't just a breath of fresh air, he is a damn hurricane, and he certainly swept me off my feet. It didn't take long for him to become my favorite underdog ever, despite all his flaws."    The Nocturnal Library

"...Marquitz is keeping the Demon Squad series up there amongst The Dresden Files, The Iron Druid

Chronicles, and Sandman Slim as some of the best urban fantasy available."  Fantasy Book Review

"Tim Marquitz's writing evokes the savage realism of Robert E. Howard."   Shroud Quarterly



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