COGS in the GEARS of WAR!



A short story in a brand new world!

At the end of the world, where magic and technology have merged, every day is a battle.

Jax, the leader of a ragtag band of mercenaries, raids a border outpost and encounters far more than he bargained for. Trapped, Jax pits his gearbinder skills against an army led by the warmancer, the most powerful of all techwizards. Come nightfall, bodies will litter the ground. One might well be Jax's.

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"Witty, sarcastic and hilarious." Publishers Weekly


"From the brilliant (clearly tortured?) minds of Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin, and Kenny Soward, Dead West offers something in the way of western "expansion."Huffington Post



"...Marquitz is keeping the Demon Squad series up there amongst The Dresden Files, The Iron Druid

Chronicles, and Sandman Slim as some of the best urban fantasy available." Fantasy Book Review



"Tim Marquitz's writing evokes the savage realism of Robert E. Howard." Shroud Quarterly



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