Witch Bane

Sebastian is whisked away at birth, just moments after his mother's death. He returns nineteen years later, a warlock trained in the arts of war. Raised in secret and fed on tales of revenge, he seeks redemption against the witches who betrayed and murdered his mother.



*Available in audio.


Wreathed in the ashes of betrayal, forced to come of age in the dungeons of her stolen inheritance, Kallie Brynn Soren died so that Dirge might be born.

In the midst of an undead invasion, Kallie is gifted the powers of the dying priest who rescued her, his last wish for her to use them against the Necrolords in a way his faith would not allow. Free of the priest’s conscience, she is more than happy to do so. But when fate brings her into the employ of the emperor, the same man whose machinations murdered her father, the opportunity for revenge becomes too much to ignore.

Torn between vengeance and the need to protect the only people she dare call family, Dirge learns there is a much deeper purpose to the Necrolord’s advance; one that might destroy everyone should it come to light.


*Availble in audio

War God Rising
Monty Python meets Gladiator!


Sand is destined for greatness. Or so a pair of two-bit criminals would have him believe.


After rescuing him from certain doom, Bess and Kaede embark on a scheme to game the War God Tournament. It’d be easier if Sand wasn’t an alcohol-soaked twit with a disturbing interest in mutton.


Pitted against monsters, magic swords, and murderers galore, they soon realize winning the tourney is the least of their worries.

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