Memoirs of a MACHINE

Inside the Mind of a Cagefighter


Arrogant, enigmatic, unrelenting, maniacal, and driven are just a few of the words used to describe the unstoppable force that is John MACHINE Lober. A black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, he is credited as a true mixed martial arts (MMA) pioneer, both as a fighter and promoter. John played an integral part in the transformation of the underground no holds barred (NHB) fighting scene into what is today's MMA. His accolades include a UFC middleweight title contention and a notable win over the legendary Frank Shamrock. In addition to his MMA successes, he has trained dozens of successful and notable fighters in ranked USA boxing, MMA, grappling, and Muay Thai. Outside of the ring, his colorful past includes illicit pharmaceuticals, criminal endeavors, and, ultimately, time behind bars.


Memoirs of a MACHINE: Inside the Mind of a Cage fighter is the story of John’s redemption. A gritty, digitally-enhanced multimedia story of the dark ages of modern MMA, it is a narcissistic look at the universe of fighting and all of its chaotic distortions, down its winding and self-destructive, deadly path. From UFC to prison, come on this journey with the original cage fighter as he struggles to reclaim his soul.

Grunt Style

The Blue Collar Guide to Writing Genre Fiction



Grunt Style is a How to Write book forged in the trenches of Tim Marquitz's wide and varied publishing adventure in genre fiction. It offers honest, to the point information for the aspiring author with plenty of advice on how to approach a story, what to do with it once you're done, and advice on how to recognize potential publishing pitfalls, as well as self-publishing tips.

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