How Grim Tidings Came to Be - Norman Dixon

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In a few hours my first children’s book should go live on Amazon. It was originally intended as a way to get me to learn Photoshop after fighting it for so long. I’ve spent almost my entire life working traditionally. Sure I dabbled in digital colors but I never painted or even really stayed long enough to truly learn how to color digitally. That all changed after working on my daughter’s book. Things that would have normally taken me so long to change, mistakes that needed correcting, all of that could now be done in a flash and my turnaround time is ridiculous. I know all of you seasoned Photoshop vets are like you’re an idiot for not getting on board sooner. Old habits die hard, but that’s not entirely true. I’m still working traditionally but now I have more of a hybrid approach to things....

Read more over at Norman Dixon's work over at his blog The Settlement: News from the End of the World.


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