Mauve Saturday!

November 29th is Mauve Saturday! One day after the chaos and craziness of Black Friday, it's time to sit home and be safe and comfortable and support the folks who spend their lives entertaining YOU: the creatives of the world. Chances are, you're going to buy a book or CD or art or movie anyway, right? For a friend, family member, or even yourself. It doesn't matter who you buy for, but please do.

If we can get enough people to sit down and purchase items from authors, artists, musicians, poets, film makers, etc, on Mauve Saturday, you not only enrich the lives of those who receive the gifts, but you also enrich the lives of those who worked hard to create the art you enjoy and which makes up such a big part of everyone's day to day existence.

All it takes is a little push and YOU can change the life of a creative for the better. A little spotlight goes a long way. Show your favorite creatives some love and support this Saturday and help them to keep doing what they do, for YOU.

And please, spread the word. You're voting with your dollars this Saturday. Make them count.

Thank you!


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